Illegal Customs Investigation Exposed!
It has come to our attention over the last few months, and probably longer,  that "official" Customs internal affairs agents from Customs of the Treasury Department or (DHS) Department of Homeland Security have been conducting specific "witch hunts" against any Customs employees that have communicated with "John Carman" and interviewing Customs employees to see if they have had any contact with a "John Carman or the web site: or contributed anything to the articles on the website.
Generally anyone who was contacted did NOT have contact with John Carman or the web site, nor did they provide any specific information.
Several employees have been threatened with job actions and even criminal allegations if they did not co-operate. (extortion)It also appears that Customs agents are committing entrapment or extortion to obtain any evidence against a former Customs employee and whistleblower John Carman. John Carman also contributes to this internet "newsletter" which is operated under the basic fundamentals of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.
It has been reported that at least "several" Customs employees have confirmed that they were "solicited" to "wear a wire to set up John Carman". To our knowledge, all have refused even though they were threatened with job actions or even criminal prosecution even though none of these people had any real knowledge or were not providing information to the web site or John Carman.
Not only is this a violation of law to solicit others to wear a wire in continuance of an illegal act, it is also part of a conspiracy to violate entrapment laws or any law which would still be a serious offense.
This information is being published to further educate the PUBLIC, Customs employees, CBP, BICE or ICE agents of the serious ramifications of violating federal laws with regards to retaliating against someone who is a "known" whistleblower with extensive law enforcement background and very well connected to the newsmedia with attorneys. 
This recent activity will cause still another lawsuit in federal court against Customs or DHS and CBP/ICE and all the high ranking managers involved. 
Quote: "The whole point of the First Amendment was to make the press a guardian of the public's right to information, even when officials want to keep that information secret. There are enough past examples of prosecutorial misbehavior to justify protection. The press would be wrong to pretend that this freedom is without cost, but it is still, in my view, justifiable."
by Jeff Greenfield-CNN
Special note to internal affairs agents: The agents' names and information will be exposed and they WILL be named in a lawsuit. That will become "public" information and it will be posted on the internet to further educate the public. According to one source: "The AUSA will NOT be able to help them now!" 
Disclaimer: ALL contacts made with Customs or it's investigative reporters are kept strictly confidential. If you or a friend has a story for Customs, contact us by a confidential email account, pager, or prepaid cell phone, NOT your home phone, Not your personal computer. NEVER use a work computer at work. Prepaid phone cards can be utilized from anywhere and from a pay phone. Good luck!