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The E-mail I received today pissed me off so much that it motivated me to start writing this first installment to you about Customs at the Mid-America CMC.  The E-mail I refer to follows:

Subject: Dick Roster--New Assistant Director

Author:  GREGORY MCCANN at USCS-CHICAGO-1 Date:    5/31/01 8:16 AM


  Yesterday it was announced that our Assistant Commissioner has selected Dick Roster as the new Assistant Director, Mission Support for the Mid-America CMC. I know that many of you know Dick well and look forward to his return to Chicago.  His return date has not yet been announced.

  Please share this information with your staffs.

  Greg McCann


So who is Dick Roster you ask?  Roster is the former Port Director of Chicago.  There's an old saying in Chicago, it goes, "Dick Roster before he dicks you".  About 4 years ago he was quietly removed from this position because it leaked out that he had a long ongoing sexual relationship with his office subordinate, Jeanette Reed.  Ms. Reed was the head of Mission Support for the Port of Chicago and (literally) worked under Roster. 

 At this time Roster was very suddenly removed as Port Director and quietly transferred to a bull shit position as Director of Canadian Pre-Clearance operations.  Essentially all this meant was that he simply moved from his office on the 2nd floor of the Customs House in Chicago to another office on the 9th floor. His biggest punishment was having been ordered by then CMC Director Garnet Fee not to be seen on the 2nd floor with Ms. Reed.

Probably more important to him was that he now had the opportunity to routinely travel to any of the Canadian Pre-Clearance locations to carry on his extra-curricular sexual activities and partying.  Of course now with his new job as Assistant Director, Mission Support for the Mid-America CMC the potential numbers of his prey have increased over that of merely just the port.  It should be much easier for him to score.

 What amazes me is the incredible "good 'ol boy/girl "network these people have in place that protects them.  Notice in the E-mail message who promoted Roster to this position.  "Our Assistant Commissioner" is none other than the infamous Bonnie Tischler.  Ms. Tischler was once known as the "Agent with the golden gun". 

Can you imagine a Customs Special Agent that actually had her service weapon gold plated!  Doesn't this tell you something?  I've been told that Ms. Tischler was so often stopped for DUI in Tampa, Miami and Washington that the count was lost.  Our "Assistant Commissioner" is also known to have slept with an alleged drug smuggler and to have crashed a government car with a male civilian on board while she was drunk.  But that's OK because her boss, Acting Commissioner Chuck Winwood, knows that if he said anything, Bonnie would tell on Chuckie about when he was caught copulating on his office credenza.  What an outfit!

Meanwhile back in Chicago as I am writing this, the current Port Director, Robyn Dessaure, is secretly serving time off without pay because she lied about her financial disclosure information.  How can one manage an organization as large as the Port of Chicago when they can't even manage their own affairs?  But the bigger question is how can one hold a secret security clearance, which is required as a Port Director, when they can not be trusted to tell the truth?


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