The John Carman Report

Paperless Entries

There was a special T & E entry that I was researching for because of a "tip" from a legitimate source about a large shipment of AK-47's coming from China.

While I was researching through the Customs ACS(Automated Commercial System) computer system, I came across a shipping container that had landed but there was a descrepancy. It had a "shortage" of one "box". Let me explain what that could mean. One item can be as large as a "Sea Cargo Container" or as small a shoe box.

Since the name of the examining inspector was still recorded, I attempted to get in touch with this guy named "Bluitt". You can not "clear" an entry without entering some sort of DEVAN records on this shipment coming from foreign. (Devan basically means "Unloading") It also is required to show how much you unloaded, how many items inspected and or what special enforcement was done, probing,sampling, X-ray, weighing, or K-9, etc..

For some reason I could not find this guy "Bluitt" in the system. I got concerned because I never had any probelms with this before and I considered myself very good at completing my assignments properly. I also had excellent Computer skills. Mostly intelligence collection and disemination. It really bothered me that I could not find this guy, so I looked through the Customs E-Mail system and there was no employee with that name. Remember someone had unloaded a box or item from a foreign shipment and Inspector Bluitt cleared the entry without any discrepancies. I finally reported this through Internal Affairs and a U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles because I didn't trust Internal Affairs in San Diego any more. I still don't.

Eventually, someone else "Leaked" that information to the Los Angeles Times and the Customs Service Managers became very embarrassed and angry. They should be. They didn't listen to me in the past, so why should I worry about their feelings and arrogant behavior? There are probably still tons of containers coming into the country right now that are being "manipulated" and "deleted" out of the Customs computers files right now at this very minute. Instead of asking me to help them fix the problem as I suggested, they tried to shut me up.(reference the Marvin L. Washington letter from Customs Internal Affairs in Long Beach dated 11-09-94 ref:File SEC-1-IA:LB for Long Beach)

That sounds familiar. Remember that Long Beach/Los Angeles Director named John Heinrich? He was the Customs manager that was trying to "authorize" the overflight of over 167 foreign natiomnals coming from Mexico to fly over San Diego District and land at various airports in the United States without Customs permission or Immigration either. I was even told that it was illegal by Customs Supervisors in San Diego like Mike Roberts. He said that the San Diego CMC Customs Director Rudy M. Camacho said ,"it was illegal" and Heinrich "can't do that". Internal Affairs was informed of this. They didn't do anything!!!!

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