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Mark Conrad BS, MS, JD
Assistant Professor Criminal Justice
Troy State University
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Mark Conrad, former Supervisory Special Agent, U.S. Customs Service, Office of Internal Affairs is co-authoring a book about the U.S. Customs Service. Mark retired at the end of 1998 after more than 27 years with Customs. He began his career as a sky marshal in 1971, and later became a Special Agent, servicing in Houston, Laredo, Reston, Va., and Ottawa, Canada. Since his retirement he has completed his law degree, and is teaching Criminal justice courses at Lawson State Community College in Birmingham, Alabama. He also assists Customs and Department of Justice employees in EEO, disciplinary and whistleblowing cases.

Mark has, for quite some time planned to write a book about his personal experiences in the Customs Service where employees went above and beyond the call of duty in their jobs in service to their country. He wanted to contrast that with documented incidents of management throughout the service lying or covering up other Customs officials lying to serve a preordained management objective. However, the reality is that he is considered prejudiced and non-objective by the agency because he has testified against the agency several times and refused to support the agency’s positions in matters being investigated by the EEOC, Treasury Inspector General and Office of Special Counsel. He has also gone on national television against the agency’s wishes while he was still working for the Office of Internal Affairs. (A Special Agent in Charge once criticized Mark for testifying truthfully in court!)

Mark would like to incorporate into the book some of the experiences of field personnel in the two areas listed above. If you have first hand knowledge about someone who has gone way beyond what was required to further the mission of the Customs Service or if you have direct firsthand knowledge of Customs officials lying he would like to know.

Additionally, Mark is looking to compare and contrast the "cultures" of the various offices from New York to Hawaii. What makes the location where you work so interesting or unique?

And finally, he would like to know what you were doing when 9-11 happened and what did you do on your own and what did you do pursuant to instructions. Please understand that Mark is not looking to trash the agency but to help in restoring it to its once tremendously respected agency it was when he first came on board in 1971. If you have a vendetta or a score to settle this is not the forum. If you have something to contribute please mail/fax to the below address/phone numbers:


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