Jeff Bolin's License Plate

Jeff Bolin's license plate

Jeff BolinJeff Bolin: Unreliable Customs Snitch


Here is a nice photo of former Customs co-worker Jeffrey "Jeff" Bolin.

Jeffrey confided in me and in front of witnesses on several occasions that he was originally solicited by Customs I.A. agent Alicia Fuentes about 9-10 months prior the infamous traffic stop with La Mesa P.D. on June 16, 1999.(9-10 months is a long time....?)

According to Jeff's statement's to me, and in front of other retired Customs officials, Jeff claimed Customs I.A. was after me and tried to use anything they could to have me stopped or arrested.(Retaliation for whistleblowing??)

Several months later on November 23, 1999 in superior court, Customs I.A. agent Alicia Fuentes admitted that they had an "informant" who claimed I was caring a concealed weapon and that I was using a forged Customs I.D. card and badge to impersonate a Customs official.(FALSE CLAIM) That case was dropped by Judge Lantz Lewis in El Cajon Superior Court. Jeff Bolin was the only person that I had talked to just prior to that incident. I NEVER stated I was still a Customs officials nor did I ever display a Customs badge or forged any credential. I also never carried a concealed weapon without proper permits. I have a state issued gun permit which allows me to carry openly as a State Licensed Private Investigator.(Jeff also makes a practice of wearing a concealed "stainless" semi-automatic handgun and it is not known whether Jeff has a CCW. Jeff made a statement to me that he could carry his handgun without a CCW permit while he has his Customs credentials. (Interesting Jeff!)

NOTE: According to Customs policy any Customs official with over 5 years may retain his old credential that is given back to him/her after a "cancel" stamp is perforated into the TWO piece identification cards.

Apparently Jeff was very jealous or had some other personal reasons or hidden agenda to talk with Customs internal affairs as he was also trying to get his retirement during that time in 1999 and was spending an awful amount of time hanging out at the Starbuck's Coffee shop at the Grossmont Mall in La Mesa.(Jeff admitted to me and others that he liked to watch the "young girls" that came by to shop)

Jeff also admitted to me, and others, that Customs I.A. asked him about another Customs K-9 employee that I happen to run into and was talking to in the public parking lot adjacent to the same area where Jeff and his friends would hang out at by Starbucks Coffee.(Seems Jeff is doing an awful lot of talking to Customs I.A. agents during that time) As I remember, Jeff was also served with a "Fitness For Duty Letter" by Customs management in San Diego and was Jeff attempting to take a combined retirement rather than be "removed" using his prior military service as well.

On one other occasion during the week while I was talking with Jeff on a sunny afternoon, I just happen to notice that former co-worker Customs inspector Mike Horner drove by as he was dropping off or picking up one of his daughters. As soon as I mentioned this, Jeff Bolin bolted out of his chair and immediately walked away like he was scared or something. I never saw Jeff move so fast. I thought he had a bad left knee or something???(Jeff makes it a practice to show off his x-ray medical card which he uses when he flies. It shows and describes his metal plates and pins in one of his legs so it does not alert TSA Security x-ray technicians.

Other "retired" Customs officials have "alleged" and speculated that Jeff was a "snitch" and had made damaging statements against others in Customs as well as against Mike Horner so he could be in their favor for his retirement.(September 1, 2000) This is not an uncommon practice by some who are willing to lie for the agency.

When confronted, Jeff Bolin claimed that Internal Affairs lied and would testify on my behalf. Bolin made that statement to me in front of TWO other former customs officials and co-workers here in the La Mesa area in early February 2000.(Later Jeff recanted his claims and was discovered to be making unfounded claims against "John Carman" to other "retired" Customs officials in La Mesa.) Gee Jeff, I thought we were friends???

According to Jeff Bolin: "Internal Affairs tried to get him to give John Carman up! Former Customs I.A. agent Alicia Fuentes "suggested" and asked "leading" questions to try and get someone to say something bad about John Carman". (Jeff Bolin denied this to me and later recanted his testimony to others.(Which is it Jeff???)

Jeff later said Customs I.A. lied and will testify in my behalf.(Will you Jeff???)

Retired Customs Inspector Jay Erdmann was a witness to Jeff Bolin's statements as well as Emmett Lynch in Feb 2000. Retired Customs official Jay Erdmann said he will testify as to any statements that were made by Jeffrey Bolin.

Tecate: Bolin admitted to me in front of Ed Lynch on 9-12-00 that Mike Horner got a hold of some blank Customs ID cards from the Tecate Port of Entry when he was stationed there back in 1990 or so. Bolin told me that he also had access to some "blank" Customs I.D. Cards and later admitted to me that he had asked permission to use the "blank" Customs ID cards for his Boy Scout troop as a souvenir and was allowed to use them.This was during the time Alan J. Rappoport was still District Director. Byron Peters was the Port Director of Tecate at that time.

According to other reliable sources and statements made to this editor, Jeff Bolin and Mike Horner were very close and that Jeff Bolin provided information to Mike Horner. I am not sure exactly what information was shared, but Mike Horner later admitted forging a document and served approximately 10 months for it. Bolin has been bad mouthing several other former Customs officials. Ever since then, Bolin has been afraid of Mike Horner for some reason.(Why Jeff??? Our readers want to know)

Which is it Jeff?

Maybe we will find out in a sworn deposition this year??

More to come........