Customs agent Greg Miller's troubles began in June '02

June 2002: Customs agent Greg Miller informs his supervisor he had given his office phone number to suspects trying to buy missile engines during an undercover investigation.

. Sept. 10, 2002: Customs agents and a DPS SWAT unit enter a Saudi man's home in Tucson on a federal warrant search and allegedly throw the man to the concrete floor.

. Sept. 12, 2002: Customs agent Greg Miller reports the incident to his supervisor.

. Sept. 19, 2002: Miller says he was admonished for bringing up the police incident.

. Nov. 22, 2002: Miller learns Customs opened fact-finding review of his giving out private information on Iraqi refugees to a third party and finds he's removed from Tucson Joint Terrorism Task Force.

. Also Nov. 22, 2002: The same day, Miller reports to Customs Internal Affairs that he is facing retaliation for whistle-blowing.

. March 2003: Miller gives his phone number to the suspects a second time and again reports it to his supervisor.

. March 28: Miller reports to Sen. John McCain he is facing retaliation.

. May 7: McCain informs Customs Commissioner Robert Bonner of Miller's complaint.

. June 13: Miller's gun and badge are taken away and he is assigned to receptionist duties after the U.S. Attorney's Office says it will stop taking his cases because of his statements made before a 2000 trial.

. July 7: During a review of the case, Miller tells his new supervisor he had given out his phone number to the suspects last year.

. July 21: Miller's lawyer files suit with the Merit Systems Protection Board against the Department of Homeland Security, saying his client was retaliated against for blowing the whistle on a police injustice.

. Nov. 3: Immigration and Customs Enforcement tells Miller in a letter that it wants to fire him.

. Dec. 11, 2003: Miller's lawyer calls the allegations false and says they're only made because Miller reported the police incident.