Government Betrays Inspector Who Went Undercover for U.S. Customs

He Is Forced to Return to Border Town with His Cover Blown

EDITOR NOTES: July 9, 2004

To ALL concerned:
I wish you guys could show us "whistleblowers" who have had to take a stand for what we ALL believe in?
I suffered for doing my job and now still another colleague of mine is suffering for working an under cover operation posing as a "dirty inspector" in Arizona which resulted in the indictment of 19 bad guys trying to buy FREE passes for loads of marijuana and cocaine. This involved a Bribery case of a public official or law enforcement official who was solicited. 18 USC 201.
The Customs agency did NOT investigate.
This particular bribery "sting" operation was investigated by the Treasury OIG agents who "allegedly" got promoted and transferred. Another bribery case in San Luis Arizona by the same Customs inspector was also investigated by Customs I.A. and those agents were also "allegedly" rewarded with a promotion and transfer. See a pattern here?
Customs internal affairs did NOT participate in the other case and was embarrassed as they are probably too dirty and can't investigate itself. Apparently an NICB agent name Jesus Alvarez was busted taking bribes and was "allegedly" discovered to be on the Customs "new hire" list. He was still awaiting his school date at FLETC. I guess Customs management got caught on that one. Sometimes Customs waits into the first year before catching some of the "new" hires that have a questionable background or flaw. (According to our sources, others in management were involved as well as narcotics cartels) 
The employee is currently getting threats by the cartel and suspects as they know where his family lives.
He gets numerous telephone hang ups everyday, etc....
I am assisting and advising him personally, but this is the very same type of stuff that does NOT get support by the U.S. Attorney who is prosecuting this case. Customs is NOT co-operating or assisting this brave man.  they are leaving him out in the open and should be protected like the agents that were "allegedly" promoted and transferred.
There is NO PROTECTION for the employee or the family.
This employee should get an automatic transfer, promotion and maybe some special protection until he can be "set up" at another location of his choice away from the Southern Border. Instead, the OIG or AUSA of the DOJ will probably do nothing and leave this fine man out to hang for doing a very good job. His career may be over and all the AUSA is interestedd in is getting this ONE 19 count prosecution. This AUSA will most likely get a promotion out of this case as well.(ALL FELONIES for bribery a public official 18 USC 201)   
Instead all they gave him was a Commissioner's Award  and about $5,000 cash award. After that nothing else.(Note: Cash awards ARE taxed) What award???
Most other cases I have seen the employees were also treated unfairly and without concern abut safety.
In other cases, the employee was take well care of, transferred, later promoted to an area of his choice.(Cash awards are taxed and promotions are permanent, but most are not taken care of) Maybe it depend son who your CMC Director is?
You will NOT see 19 indictments on a routine basis. It will also cause various attorney's in the AUSA's office to get THEIR promotions. You can do this once in a lifetime and then after that move to another area where the cartel doesn't know you.(If you want to take that chance) I don't recommend it. The southern border and specifically in Arizona is very bad with corruption and illegal alien invasion issues at this time.
YOU can write you local Congressman and Senator to support us Customs whistleblowers by supporting the laws that are supposed to help us and get new legislation to enforce the laws that protect us all. Force the government to support us.
Contact local newsmedia and ask them why they don't report on this case??? John Carman-Editor