Private Investigations/Security Consultant
U.S. Secret Service/U.S. Customs Service
20 yrs. experience
California State License #AQ-008686
Phone# (619)601-9250 24 Hours




TRAINING: Graduate of Miramar College with two 2-year degrees in Law Enforcement and Investigations as of June 1974. Graduate of Federal Law Enforcement Training Center "F.L.E.T.C." In Washington, D. C. September 3, 1974. United States Secret Service basic training-TOP SECRET clearance, three months and in service training. (1974-1977) Specialized training for U.S. Secret Service at Beltsville, Maryland Training Center, F.B.I.-Quantico Virginia Bomb-Tech training, Specialized training in Protection/Security/Anti-Terrorist training, Firearms training, handguns, shoulder weapons, fully automatic weapons, chemical agents, self-defense anti-terrorist training, bomb recognition and handling/disposal training, report writing, defensive/pursuit driving, arrest techniques, Federal law, evasive techniques, hostage negotiations, patrol techniques, recognizing mentally ill, injured, or dead, first aid. My duties included the protection of the President of The United States of America, the First Family and the White House and it's Property, The Vice-President and his Family and official residence, Ambassadors, Embassy protection, White House Protection Detail, crowd and riot control, police techniques, evidence gathering, preserving crime scenes training, homicide, officer safety, assassination training, previous assassinations history analysis, interviewing techniques, testifying in court, intelligence gathering, Distinguished expert in marksmanship, radio communications, behavioral analysis techniques, narcotics enforcement, etc·

RESIGNED U.S. SECRET SERVICE: October 30, 1977 to relocate back to San Diego-California for a more active law enforcement position.

Graduate of San Diego Police P.O.S.T. Certified police academy for the City of San Diego-Police Department. September 3, 1978 P.O.S.T. Certificate #B14322 Dated October 25, 1979.

I attended Basic Police Officer I training & in service training, police patrol techniques, crime prevention, traffic control, traffic enforcement, police report writing, evidence gathering and preservation, arrest techniques, self defense techniques, police officer safety, marksmanship, high speed pursuit driver training, community service, crowd/riot control, handling ill, injured, dead persons, first aid/emergency medical technician training, police ambulance, radio procedures, community crime prevention services, hostage negotiation training, officer survival techniques, State of California Law and municipal codes, vehicle codes, investigative techniques, preliminary investigative reports, narcotics enforcement training, court testimony and testifying in court, presentations, in service training-three years.(1978-1981)

MARTIAL ARTS EXPERT in Judo, Karate, Aikido techniques: approximately thirty years, as a Shodan black belt in Judo 1970 from the Kodokan Judo Institute in Tokyo, Japan. Martial arts and self defense instructor since 1970 for men, women and children. Various martial arts seminars and training since 1970's to present: thirty years in Judo and Aikido. Meditation and physical and spiritual training, self control, first aid, teaching techniques, falling, rolling, grappling, throwing, blocking techniques, restraints, choke holds, advanced techniques, pinning techniques, escape techniques, self defense techniques, various weapons techniques, boken, ken, nunchakus, advanced police arrest and restraint techniques, etc·

LICENSED PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR since 1981,California State license number: AQ-008686. I have over 30 years experience working various civil and criminal cases, including but not limited to: skip tracing, homicide, missing persons, child stealing, surveillance, undercover work, security, bodyguard, V.I.P. executive/corporate security, theft investigations, background checks, domestic cases, assault, robbery, rape, defense and prosecution cases, Immigration & Customs case experience, security consultant, narcotics cases, etc·.to present date.

D.E.A. TRAINING-In service training seminars for Narcotics Officer/Agent since 1976. Washington, D. C., Maryland and Virginia, San Diego-California to present date.

California Narcotics Officer Association-Lifetime C.N.O.A. Member and participant since 1986 in San Diego, California. Detection, identifying, removal, evacuation, investigations, undercover work, integrity training, chemical/precursor chemical recognition, intelligence gathering, surveillance, chemical labs recognition, officer safety, electronic surveillance techniques, testifying in court, observation techniques, safety procedures at clandestine chemical labs,·etc.

M.A.S.T.-Metro Arson Strike Team member/representative for U.S. Customs Service in San Diego, California -Three years. Preliminary Bomb/Blast investigation techniques three day seminar, prevention, recognition, removal, evasive techniques, notification list, security, specialized detection of bombs & explosives, disposal, emergency evacuation techniques, monthly meetings for three years, intelligence gathering, Oklahoma City Federal Building bomb blast investigation critique/seminar, and more.

UNITED STATES MINT POLICE-January 1983 Assigned to U.S. Mint in San Francisco 10 Months protecting United States Gold Bullion at Federal Depository at 88 fifth street. Conduct police patrol, provide security, surveillance, telephonic, close circuit television, foot patrol, stand post, inspect/search persons entering or leaving federal facility, conduct preliminary investigations of theft of government property, assaults on federal employees, background checks, missing government property, gold coins, pre-circulated minted coins, qualify with handguns, shotguns, automatic weapons, uzi's, Distinguished Expert rating for ten months before transferring to U.S. Customs in October 30, 1983.

U.S. CUSTOMS SERVICE-October 30, 1983-1998. I was employed as A Customs Inspector and transferred on a lateral transfer to the United States Port of Entry at Calexico, California for approximately three and a half years until June 1986 when I was picked up for a transfer to San Diego Ports of Entry. San Ysidro, Otay Mesa, Airport/Seaport in Port of San Diego since 1986. I attained a very high enforcement and commendation record for my diligence and pursuit of narcotics smugglers, narcotics violators, armed and dangerous felons, fugitives, and Immigration violators as well. My primary duties were to detect and interdict narcotics and alien smugglers as well as illegal aliens thru behavioral analysis techniques, document control, fraud detection, and interview techniques.

My experience involves approximately thirty years of narcotics detection and apprehension. I have also been responsible for the apprehension of dangerous and armed individuals who were trying to evade law enforcement agencies. I have been personally responsible for the apprehension of suspected murderers and armed dangerous felons without serious incident to myself or others.

I was promoted to Senior Customs Inspector in 1989 for my excellent career record and enforcement record. I have received numerous commendations and awards for my outstanding service as well as Commissioner's awards as late as 1996-97.

I have also been responsible for the suggestion and implementation of various new investigative and apprehension procedures as well conducting background checks on commercial companies and their drivers entering the United States for a speedy processing of the commercial shipment under the "line release program" and other security related suggestions for the implementation of specially built bullet/bomb resistant treated glass. I have also suggested special metal magnetometers for the detection of weapons and contraband. I have personally seized large quantities of narcotics like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, methamphetamines, precursor chemicals, firearms, explosives, bombs, and U.S. currency over $10,000.00, automatic weapons, other illegal merchandise prohibited under importation laws, pre-Colombian artifacts, endangered species, alien smugglers, specially built compartments for smuggling, counterfeit documents and counterfeit merchandise protected under copyright and trademark laws, information and profiling of organized crime suspects in the Japanese "Yakuza" that involved the San Diego-Tijuana area, international prostitution rings, illegal activity and bribery cases involving the integrity of certain high ranking U.S. government officials, intelligence gathering and report writing skills and threat assessments for smuggling in the San Diego area.

I have excellent report writing skills, observation techniques, interviewing skills, surveillance experience, behavioral analysis techniques, excellent martial arts and safety skills. I am also an excellent public speaker and have teaching skills based upon my experience training and expertise in the law enforcement fields previously mentioned.



John Carman-Former U.S. Secret Service-U.S. Customs-SDPD
Director-Carman Investigations
California State License P.I.-008686
P.O. Box 3811
La Mesa, Ca. 91944
Pager: (619)601-9250